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Why Our Grow-it-Yourself Kits are Different



Grow spectacular gourmet and medicinal mushrooms inexpensively


Learn real mushroom growing skills

   Hantana Phoenix Oyster Mushroom
   Hantana Golden Enoki
   Elm Oyster Mushroom

Each kit contains specially-prepared sawdust pellets, vigorously-growing mushroom spawn, a professional growing bag with built-in air filter, and complete directions.

You provide some fresh coffee grounds, water, and hydrogen peroxide (the stuff in the brown bottle that you use to clean wounds, or brush your teeth).

Mix the ingredients in the bag according to our directions, add the live spawn, and you will see growth in less than 48 hours! Mushrooms will begin forming in 3-6 weeks, depending on the species and growing conditions.

Once you know how the process works, you can do more of it yourself, with your own ingredients - and save even more money! We tell you how.

Great Things About Grow-it-Yourself Kits

  1. LESS MONEY! It's the lowest-cost kit you can buy, but produces as much as, or more than, other kits.
  2. MORE FUN! You get to watch your mushroom mycelium grow from nothing into a solid, mushroom-making mass!
  3. SMALLER CARBON FOOTPRINT! We only ship dry substrate ingredients, so we avoid shipping over a quart of water, and a half a quart of coffee grounds, saving almost three pounds of unnecessary weight. That takes less fuel to ship! Shipping costs you less, too.
  4. NO SECRETS! We explain exactly what goes into the kit, so you can do more of it yourself as you build your mushroom growing skills.

Our Grow-it-Yourself kits not only produce more mushrooms for your money than any other kit, they teach you how mushroom growing really works. 

We want home mushroom gardening to become as easy and popular as growing your own vegetables.

Even better, you can raise mushrooms indoors, year-round, without sunny windows or expensive lights!

Join the mushroom gardening revolution with a Grow-it-Yourself Kit!

Click on one of the images to the right to learn more about, and order, a GIY kit for the species shown.