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Kits and Spawn


  • Grow-it-Yourself Hantana Phoenix Oyster Mushroom Kit

    Grow-it-Yourself Hantana Phoenix Oyster Mushroom Kit

    Our Grow-it-Yourself Hantana Phoenix Oyster Mushroom-growing kit provides a rich educational and culinary experience, taking you from raw materials to awe-inspiring harvest in about three weeks. It lets you clearly see how...

  • One Pound Grain Spawn

    One Pound Grain Spawn

      Live peroxide-conditioned grain spawn for inoculating bulk substrates for fruiting. Because this spawn is peroxide-conditioned, it will grow faster than conventional spawn when used in peroxide-treated substrates but...

  • The front of the box

    Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit - Premium Edition
    $29.00 $24.95

    The perfect mushroom-growing kit for gift-giving! Grows a pound to a pound-and-a-half of mushrooms Includes sawdust pellets and minerals; you add coffee grounds, hydrogen peroxide, and water Use the included spawn...

  • One of several flushes of beautiful Elm Oyster mushrooms you can expect from your mature kit.

    Grow-it-Yourself Elm Oyster Kit
    $19.00 $17.95

    Elm Oyster, Hypsizygus ulmarius You rarely find the Elm Oyster in the wild or in stores, but you can find it here, because we love growing it, eating it, and sharing it with local restaurants and mushroom-loving friends and...

  • Reishi in classic shelf, or bracket fungus, form. Results from an opening in the side of the growing bag.

    Grow-it-Yourself Reishi Mushroom Kit
    $19.00 $17.95

      a popular medicinal mushroom one of the world's most beautiful fruiting bodies start forming in 3-4 weeks easy as a cake mix - add water, peroxide, mix, and go! 100% satisfaction guarantee Species: Ganoderma...