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What’s in the kit:

The kit contains a bag of mineral-supplemented sawdust pellets and a full-sized growing bag containing live mushroom spawn (mycelium). Besides these instructions, that's all you need. You add the ingredients to the spawn in the growing bag.

What else you will need:

  • Five cups of drinkable water (see later section for more info)
  • Adhesive tape for sealing the growing bag. Ordinary packing tape works fine
  • 5 ounces of 3% hydrogen peroxide solution (from a pharmacy or grocery store)
  • Alcohol for sanitizing surfaces, like rubbing alcohol. You can use a disinfectant cleaner if you prefer. You may also want to use hand sanitizer rather than alcohol for your hands.
  • About two cups of coffee grounds from recently brewed coffee, or that were frozen shortly after brewing, drained (see later section for more info)
  • Spray bottle for misting
  • Scissors and/or knife

Get ready:

  1. Choose a clean, quiet place to work. Turn off fans, close windows, and keep others (like pets) from moving around in your work area to minimize the dust in the air. Clean your work surface and wipe with alcohol.
  2. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water and wipe them with an alcohol-soaked paper towel or hand sanitizer to reduce contaminants. 


You're ready to get started! Just follow the step-by-step instructions in the next section.

You can watch video demos online at demo.TheImaginaryFarmer.com Some of the kit details have changed, but the videos will still give you a good sense of what’s involved, and they’re fun to watch!