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The first flush is usually the biggest by far, but if you keep the bag in the same place and keep misting the block through the opening in the bag you should see from one to three additional flushes, usually a couple of weeks apart. 

If the block has stopped fruiting can I restart it by putting it outside?

You can take the block out of the bag and put it outside on the ground in the shade. It will usually revive and fruit once or twice more. Be alert for pests, though; fungus gnats and slugs love this mushroom and will ruin them if you let them. 

"Seeding" more substrate with the block when it’s finished fruiting

Yes. Your chances of success depend on how healthy and contaminant- free the block is, your choice of containers and substrate, and other factors. We recommend not using it to start new containers of substrate indoors but to inoculate an outdoor bed like a compost heap or bed of straw and/or hardwood chips supplemented with coffee grounds. 

Other issues with growing this mushroom outside

You should let your block incubate in the shelter and shade of a building, but for pinning and fruiting the mushroom will enjoy the open air during the growing season. In the wind and heat you will need to water the bag frequently, spraying it with a hose or using a watering can. Keep it out of direct sun. Watch for pests. To prevent fungus gnats, use an emulsion of Neem oil or commercial preparation of the neem-derived insecticide azadirachtin at least once a week. If bugs are a problem, try keeping the bag on a screened-in porch or indoors by a screened window where it can enjoy fresh air without the bugs.