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We're taking a little break to warm up!


Reading the Mycelial Thread

Illustration by Lauren Mettler


Welcome to The Imaginary Farmer


We're taking a break from web sales to make some changes in our products and our web site. We've taken our product listings down temporarily, so you can't place orders right now (but you can still redeem spawn vouchers here.)

We're in one of the coldest parts of upstate New York, so it's often too cold to ship during January and February, and business tends to be slow now anyway, so this seems like a good time to settle down by the fire and reflect on what we've been doing and what we want to do next.

We will reopen for business sometime between now and April 1, 2019, depending on the weather. We will continue to post new web content and product information during the break.

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Questions? Ideas? Observations? Use our Contact Us page. We're still here.

For general growing instructions, visit our Help section.


Keep warm, be good, and come back soon!


March 1 Update: It's still cold!

The weather forecast for the next few weeks predicts just a few days with high temperatures above freezing. We'll have to keep hunkered down for a while yet.